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Vedmak-Dynamics is the sole manufacturer of CamGau Consulting  BLDC controllers.

These BLDC Controllers are designed to drive any kind of brushless motors ( Outrunners, Inrunners, Axial Flux, High and low number of poles, any winding type), and have embedded software onboard for all applications including Lightweight Electric Vehicles, boats, E-Bikes, Industry, proportionnal braking…

We can also provide OEM and custom designs / software / hardware designs, with power boards up to 30 KW.

Our controllers are designed for all kind of applications, and have an embedded software for e-mobility.  This includes sequential and automatic electronic / electromechanical shifting management, and a dedicated integrated software for electric assistance.

Thanks to the in-house motor driving algorythms and full software, the controller can be connected to any type of sensor ( torque, cadence, brakes, temperature…),  displays via canbus or serial communication, BMS.

The electronic sequential and automatic shifting system has been successfully demonstrated with an Effigear modified gearbox ( electric assistance also) and a Mubea EMTB carbon frame ( courtesy of Muhr und Bender, Germany) in 2019.

The CamGau BLDC controller is also used for various application such as Fishing Reels, E-Boats, pumps, respirators, e-cars, and large UAV’s.




ERM Automatismes, France. Exclusive for Industrial and educationApplications



Vedmak Dynamics has been created in october, 2018, after many years of joint efforts with CamGau Consulting, with the purpose to bring the CamGau BLDC controlers on the market.

All products (except licenced ones),  are designed, manufactured and assembled in France.



December 2019 : Vedmak Dynamics has attended the Nautic Show in Paris (dec. 7 to dec. 15th) and introduced the E-Safran ( E-Rudder) propulsion system together with the CamGau technology for all marine applications. September 2019 : Vedmak Dynamics attended the Eurobike trade show with Innotorq partner, who introduced their complete innovative propulsion system for …


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